Who we are

Maxistars is a team of professionals with the objective to introduce and provide the most complete documentation about coffee, its varieties and different qualities. We cover a wide information spectrum, from coffee farms, through coffee roasting, packaging and ending at the different brewing methods to serve a cup of coffee.

Our offer consists of a wide range of services. Consulting and training courses aimed at green coffee producers, rosters, hospitality chains and Baristas.

Staff members in Maxistars they have at least, in the coffee business, ten years of experience. This enriches each process, green coffee purchasing, regular monitoring of the markets, roasting processes, marketing research of preferences… in order to meet all our customer demands and expectations.

We contact directly with coffee plantations, especially with our own plantation, Fincas Toral, located in the Dominican Republic, ensuring the production and selection of the best batches of Specialty green coffee beans.

Jordi Argelich – Founder

His lifetime has been linked to the world of coffee. He is part of the third generation of roasters, its family activity began in the early twentieth century, with commercial products called "colonial" and coffee roasting.

In the past 35 years he has been involved in all aspects of the coffee trading. With deep knowledge of market trends, and fantastic innovative talent, has achieved a high recognition and respect throughout the industry and coffee market.
In the 85’s he led a commercial project, with Italcaffe brand, which held the sale of coffee 100% natural roasted, with the aim of introducing the concept of the perfect cup of coffee. His passion led him to seek and find the perfect espresso.

At the 95’s decades he introduced the Café Franchise concept by Café Di Roma, a chain establishments that established a benchmark of quality, offering a wide range of Arabica coffees and Single Origins that never were offered before in a Franchise chain in Europe.

His most recent Project, Maxistars International Coffee Consulting,
His latest project, Maxistars International Coffee Consulting, has required gathering a group of professionals and former colleagues of proven experience in the coffee world, to develop together programmes in order to improve coffee farming, coffee plantations, roasting companies, baristas... with the purpose of informing and educating consumers and coffee industry.

Cesar Ros – Coffee Expert

Surrounded by coffee world since his childhood, is part of a family saga of coffee roasters. He has an extensive knowledge and expertise in processes of roasting and cupping. His biggest passion is to work the land in the coffee plantation, be in contact with the soil in the coffee producing origins, checking the quality of the soil and the fruits to get the most out of each coffee plant and modeling its taste profile.
He is the Managing Director in our coffee plantations of Fincas Toral in the Dominican Republic, he controls in situ a unique system of processing coffee never implemented before in any coffee farm existing in the Dominican Republic.


Elisabet Sereno – Coffee Expert

Diploma in Human Nutrition and Graduated in Business Administration. She started working in the Coffee Industry in the 90’s, where, during for more than 13 years worked for a big multinational company carrying our green coffee quality controls and developing training programmes, and developing new products for coffee and tea as Master Roaster.
Founder Member of the Spanish Chapter by Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) in 2006. Responsible of Barista Judges Committee in Spain, with wide experience as Barista Judge in National and International World Barista Championships.
2009-14 WBC Certified Sensory Judge
AST, Authorized SCAE Trainer
Certifier Barista Level 1 and 2
International Judge at Cup of Excellence

Elisabet is currently working with Maxistars as responsible for all tasks concerning Coffee and Tea Training Department.

Ilias Kalidonakis – Barista Trainer

He began his journey through the world of coffee in 2005. He worked as a barista trainer in a Coffee and Barista School. He is certified as Professional Barista with SCAE Level 1 and Level 2 Diplomas.
Ilias won the Smoothies Hellenic Championship in 2010 and got second place at the Hellenic Latte Art Championship in 2010. He is a Latte Art Expert and his specialty is the development of new recipes based on coffee, hot chocolate and tea.

Elena Castellon – Quality

With an extensive professional career, she has participated in the implementation of quality procedures in several coffee roasting companies, being fully responsible to conduct all quality controls in diverse processes.

She has joined us in several coffee plantation trips, making her a key member in the development of physical controls and coffee quality analysis.

Maika Roca – Administration

Administration management, she has more than 13 years of experience in the Coffee Industry.
Responsible for all administrative and financial aspects, she is a key player for a smooth execution of ordering, purchasing and sales processes.